Silver Fascinator Hats and Hatinators for Weddings UK

UK's largest collection of Silver fascinators. Classic fascinators, statement pieces, subtle understated Silver fascinators and bespoke custom made pieces on clip comb or headband. Dispatched from our London warehouse studio in the UK.

Occasions for Silver Fascinators, Hatinators and Hats
We have 100’s of selections of Grey Silver fascinators, silver is a classic colour that is understated and matches most of colours. This means a grey silver fascinator is ideal for colour matching and colour mixing, we are specialist in mixed colour fascinators. A light silver tone is the popular and common silver fascinator for weddings. We have years of experience colour matching for our customers, which is why we stock such a range of Grey Silver Fascinator hats and hatinators. Our Silver fascinators are used for all occasions including weddings, ascot races, Kentucky derby races, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride.

Grey Silver Fascinator
There are many tones of silver. Some of our fascinators are light grey silver, metallic silver, or a dark charcoal grey. Silver does not always need to shiny and metallic looking to match. Our light grey matt silver colours are great for weddings and derby races.

We also combine grey silver with other colours, the most popluar combination is with blue or navy, these colours compliement each other perfectly. However other silver combination are also popular for example teal and silver fascinator, purple and silver fascinator and burgundy and silver fascinators.


Fascinators and Hat Trimmings
We make our fascinators with a range of materials including sinamay, polyester horsehair braid netting, satin and felt bases. Our Silverfascinator trimmings feathers include grey coque feathers, light grey goose biot feathers, silverrooster hackle and more. We have charcoal grey and light grey felt bases, grey sinamay and metallic shiny silver flower petals with lace.