Red Fascinators & Hats for Weddings

Occasions for Red Fascinators, Hatinators and Hats
We have 100’s of selections of Scarlet Red fascinators, red is one of the most popular colours to wear as it is a bold primary colour that represents love and passion. Scarlet red is the classic red fascinator for weddings. We have years of experience colour matching for our customers, which is why we stock such a range of Red Fascinator hats. Our Red fascinators are used for all occasions including weddings, ascot races, Kentucky derby races, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride.

Scarlet Red Fascinator
We call our red fascinators Scarlet red, scarlet red is the classic red that you will associate with flags, uniforms, clothing and red dresses.

We also combine red with other colours, we have only included red and black fascinators in this collection, however we can make fascinators with different tones of red such as burgundy or coral, and create mixed colour fascinators with all colours, see our bespoke section for red with mixed colours.

Red Fascinators and Hat Trimmings
We make our fascinators with a range of materials including sinamay, polyester horsehair braid netting, satin and felt bases. Our Red fascinator trimmings feathers include coque feathers, goose biot feathers, rooster hackle and more. Although we try to stock all materials in all tones, some tones of Red are not available depending on the trimming.