Scarf - Thin Square Scarves and Skinny Scarves


Buy scarfs from Caprilite UK Online Shop. See our large collection of thin scarfs with pattern prints and designs. Suitable to wrap around as a face covering or scarf mask. These thin scarves are suitable for summer and spring.  Caprilite UK specialise in square scarf prints and patterns.

Caprilite UK Online shop specialise in thin scarfs. We have large square scarfs and long thin scarfs. Our scarfs are lightweight and have a silk feel at an affordable price. Although most of you scarfs are ladies and womens scarfs, the long think black scarf is also popular with men. The scarves can be worn as neck scarfs, head scarves or blanket scafs. Our long skinny scarves and thin silky scarfs are suitable for spring summer or autumn, or in the winter months.

Patterns and Designs
We have a range of popular patterns on our scarfs such as animal prints thin scarfs, leopard print, snake prints, polka dot and cat prints. We also have a range of plain coloured scarfs in black, navy, mustard, and burnt orange.