Wedding Fascinator Headband UK

Find fascinators on headband from Caprilite UK online fascinator store. We make our fascinators from our studio in UK so if you find a wedding fascinator or ascot fascinator that is not on a headband from our store, send us an e-mail and we will provide a bespoke custom handmade service to make the fascinator on a headband for you.

Hairstyles For Headband Fascinators
Headband fascinators are suitable for long, short or medium hair. For use with long hair, the headand of alice band on the fascinator can be used to hold the hair back in place.  Headband fascinators are particular popular in the UK for short hairstyles as clip or combs do not have enough hair to grip on to be stable. Headband fascinators are the most stable way to wear your fascinator.

Headband Colours
Some customers prefer the headband to be hidden and match it with their hair colour, and some customers prefer the headband to be matching the fascinator colours and be visible for extra style. We have a full range of headbands, from thick or thin, silver and metal. If you have a specific request, please message us. We have a full range of colours, the most popular headband colours are black, pink and navy headband fascinators. Some designs of our headband fascinator have a fixed headband and some are adjustable so you can position you fascinator at any angle you want.

Headbands on Hats or Hatinators
Due to the design and weight of hats and hatinators (a cross between a hat and a fascinator), we use thick headbands to stabilise our hatinators. Hatinators are most popular for weddings and larger fascinators and hatinators are suitable for ascot races.