Cheltenham Festival fascinators and Hat

Buy fascinators to match your outfit for the Cheltenham Festival Races.

Cheltenham Festival is a horse racing event, so traditional headwear for women would be a large hat or a fascinator. Fascinators can come in various styles and colours, but some popular choices for horse racing events include feathers, flowers, and bows. It's important to consider the colour scheme of your outfit when selecting a fascinator, as well as the formality of the event. For the Cheltenham Festival, it's usually a smart, elegant occasion, so it's best to opt for a fascinator that matches this style.

The Cheltenham Festival is held annually, typically in March. It is a four-day event and one of the most important horse racing festivals in the UK. The festival attracts a large number of visitors and is considered one of the highlights of the horse racing calendar.

What date is the Cheltenham Festival Date for 2023: From March 14th 2023 to Friday March 17th 2023

Ladies Day at the Cheltenham Festival typically takes place on the second day of the festival, which is also known as "Wednesbury Day." It is a popular day for attendees, particularly women, to dress up and showcase their fashion, style and fascinators. Many women choose to wear hats and fascinators, making it a highly anticipated event for those who enjoy fashion and horse racing.