The Sinamay Mix - Bespoke Mixed Colour Fascinator

The Sinamay Mix - Bespoke Mixed Colour Fascinator

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We created The Sinamay Mix Fascinator design in 2018. A bespoke, choose your own colour, made to order mixed colour fascinator. Inspired by classic fascinator trimmings such as Sinamay and horsehair braid netting. We created this elegant fascinator which is fast becoming a classic design.

The Sinamay Mix Fascinator is a mixed colour fascinator/hatinator in a medium sized Sinamay Disc Saucer design. It comes with an adjustable headband (alice band). Approximately 20cm diameter, feather lengths can vary.

The design uses 3 types of feathers, long coque feathers, goose biot feathers and rooster hackle feathers. The center flower petal is cut to shape with fabric, lace and combined with roost hackle feathers and beads. The hoops are made of polyester horsehair braid netting. The base of the fascinator is made of the classic fascinator trimming sinamay.

This fascinator is popularly used for many occasions including; weddings, royal ascot races, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and occasional party's.

This bespoke fascinator is made to order. You can choose the mix of colours you want to match your dress. If you require extra colours please send us a message and we can discuss other bespoke options that we can do (some request may incur extra costs).

All orders are made to order from our East London studio in E1.